Creative Revolution Theatre Company
Escape The Routine

escape the routine

Creative Revolution Theatre Company (CRTC  - pronounced "curtsy") was started in July 2012. The first show "An Evening of Holiday Cheer, a performance of three one-act plays and caroling" was financed by a local city non-profit. CRTC was very proud of their ability to have made it to through the second season by only using funds generated from ticket sales/concessions.

Now that CRTC has received its non-profit status it plans to move forward by looking for a home that will allow us to rehearse, hold workshops and perform. If you would like to help us with this current project you can contact us or donate today

CRTC has performed full-length plays, original murder mystery dinner theatres, one-night-only special performances and hope to soon have plans for our first musical. We also love to do things that others suggest to us - please feel free to send us a note and let us know what project you have an interest in doing.

The mission of CRTC is to have a positive impact on the quality of life for all participants. CRTC will provide individuals the opportunity to grow their confidence, expand their artistic skills, meet a diverse group of people and escape from the routine by participating in a variety of theatrical performances, workshops and classes.

"Escape The Routine" for us means stepping outside your comfort zone, learning something new, or just going to see theatre for the first time. Theatre provides an escape from the ‘every day’ for the actors, crew and audience. The actors get to embody someone else’s life, the crew gets to create pieces that fulfill their artistic need and the audience gets to share in the joy of being taken to another world.

CRTC is theatre for the people, meaning that we want to involve people from diverse backgrounds and all levels of experience. By fostering a supportive and positive environment, we will produce a variety of quality productions.